How Deep Can You GO!!!!

Not everyone understands House Music. It’s a spiritual thing, a body thing, a soul thing

Deephouse music can be very therapeutic at times,taking your troubled mind away into deep inner calmness with rhythmmatic sounds.

So I made a deephouse mix consisting of 25minutes of “music therapy” Inviting you into what I feel when I create the music that I feel most at home to … Deephouse.

All the songs are original productions of my alter ego “Solenoidmusic” The mix starts off with african tribal sounds and gradually gets funkier and groovier and ends off with a very special produced single titled “to be like a chsild” which is an artistic expression aimed at putting the listener in a specific enviroment and to feel certain emotions.I make use of everyday familiar sounds.

Many of the songs in this mix are taken from my first official Deephouse Ep titled ” the very long awaited” which was released in 2017.

Ep image

My gift to you.Enjoy and share the deephouse mix.

Solenoidbeatz Deephouse Mix.mp3

Author: Solenoidbeatz

a passionate music lover and creator

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